Business Travel

The know-how of ACI blueteam operators is enriched every day with new skills

Always strongly oriented towards service, as a valuable element of the position of the entire company, it becomes a qualifying and distinctive trait in the Business Travel segment.

Each operational phase of this division is in fact implemented and managed considering the entire process of providing the service, both to the company and to the passenger, because we know that the employee’s travel experience is as important as the quality of the data and information that the Travel Manager needs.

An operational structure organized on vertical skills, so that each operator can best express their skills in the specific sector and contribute to the creation of a highly performing Business Travel service both for the travel experience and for the corporate budget

Also in this Business Unit, we find the true soul of ACI blueteam, “technology at the service of people”; modern tools are transformed and become tools capable of enhancing the human component, without neglecting the harmonization of information to ensure a high level of completeness and traceability of data (operational, accounting and management)

Fausto Portelli
Corporate Travel
Director ACI blueteam

The services most appreciated
by our corporate customers

Dedicated Account Manager

a senior contact person available to Clients to support them also in commercial relations and in the negotiation phases with suppliers

Corporate & Leisure VIP

our division dedicated exclusively to top corporate managers, with a strongly service-oriented team and with cross-cutting skills to manage particularly complex requests, which require attention to detail and extreme customization


managed “in house” with operators of the Italian and US offices, to guarantee assistance to passengers 24/365 anywhere in the world, in both Italian and English

Travel Safe

team dedicated to supporting companies and passengers for managing transfers in compliance with the entry measures of each individual country, both for health and documentary aspects


a complete travel tool capable of managing the entire business travel organization process, including self-book reservations, travel policies and authorization processes with high margins for customization and integration with the systems of client companies.

The quality and environmental certifications, which ACI blueteam has already had for several years, and the great work in progress for data security from a GDPR perspective, represent a plus particularly appreciated by companies, increasingly attentive to the management of information of the company and of their collaborators

Airport Assistance

In-house Worldwide Airport Assistance Department; from Meet & Greet to Tarmac service (transfer below board)

We offer VIP services ensuring that our customers enjoy a special, exclusive and discreet airport experience.

Travel Risk Global Services

a project realized in collaboration with Ambimed offers a suite of fully digitized integrated products and services to provide the company and its employees with a flexible, multichannel support system to deal with the problems and hazards that might occur during overseas assignments.

All this with a tailored approach to ensure the health and safety of expatriates at every stage of their assignments.

Blueteam USA

Blueteam USA began its activity in 2013 at the repeated solicitation of many Italian customers with branches in the USA who needed to see replicated the same satisfactory Business Travel operating model applied in Italy.

The operating staff in the USA currently consists of 9 people, all speaking Italian and English, able to interact with the same Italian operating systems, and perfectly aligned in the procedures, operational settings and, essential, in the attitude towards the parent company. The operations director is Italian, he has been in the US since the opening in 2013 after 10 years of experience in ACI blueteam Italy.

The constant Italy-USA interaction concretizes our starting objective: Customer management in the subsidiary carried out exactly as in the HQ, through seamless solutions, and the application of the “pick where cheaper” concept; adopted by travel consultants with strong knowledge of the sector and technical skills in the specific field of Business Travel.

Our current Customers base is made up of 90% of Italian customers with American subsidiaries, and the remaining 10% of American customers who came to us thanks to the same word of mouth model that has characterized the exponential growth of ACI blueteam over the years